A new generation of innovative touch up paints

The GENUINE COLORS scratch repair kit is an innovative product that saves you time and money. The set consists of a unique formula paint and a multifunction bottle. 100% factory colour, good coverage, and most importantly, you don't need to paint several times and no need to buy and apply top coat.

Where to buy?

Official OEM approvals

Why GENUINE COLORS are superior for touch up?

Innovative German SPIES HECKER touch up paint line

Features Other touch up paints
(made for spray guns unless you pay 30$+)

What do you get?

Innovative paints made for Touch Up

Casual Spray paints packaged
in smaller containers
Includes Clear Coat (Lacquer)

You have to buy Basecoat and Clear Coat (Lacquer)
Application Time 10-15 min 40-60 min
Minimum # of layers 1 layer 2 for solid and 3 layers for effect colors
Usage Apply paint with Brush or Pen-tip (included) You can use Brush, but color might differ
Metallic paint Metalic will be shiny and reflective
Metallic paints will look greyish
Pearl color Pearl will be shiny and visible in the sun Brushed-on area might look like matte stain
Coverage  up to +150% 

Superior coverage even for white, yellow and red colors

Some colors look watery and have very bad coverage

How to use?

Step by Step


Check the color code on the paint bottle and make sure it matches your car color.


Remove any flaking paint or dirt from the damaged area and thoroughly clean the area.


Shake the bottle vigorously in all directions for about 20-30 seconds.


Tip painting: little scratches and damage caused by bugs and gravel.

Hint: for repetitive use you can unclog Tip with included needle.


Brush painting: for shallow scratches apply 1 layer of paint, for bigger apply 1 – 2 layers of paint, leaving around 30 minutes between layers.

Hint: you can cut brush if need to paint at an angle.


Please leave 2 hours for the paint to harden. For low temperatures it can take up to 24 hours.

How it differs from other products?

  • checkMade specifically for brush and pen application
  • check4 in 1 includes primer, base coat, top coat and laquer
  • checkEnough to buy 1 bottle - 10 min application
  • checkPrecise OEM factory color
  • checkSmoothing tool for extra fine finishes
  • checkPay less in total
  • do_not_disturb_altDesigned for spraying, resulting in poorer coverage
  • do_not_disturb_altOn every small scratch, you have to apply 4 components: primer, base coat, top coat (pearl colors), and lacquer 
  • do_not_disturb_altYou pay for 4 bottles - 40 min application
  • do_not_disturb_altAs it is made for spaying, problems with metallic paint looking greyish and pearl looking like matte stain
  • do_not_disturb_altUneven surface of paints, which you cannot correct easy as there are 4 layers of paint components
  • do_not_disturb_altPay more in total (4 components), spend more time and get a worse result

Choose a solution over another problem

Specialized paint - less hassle

What is touch up paint?

From the first day of purchasing a car, its exterior is constantly attacked by stones, parking doors, children, tree branches, curbs, etc. It is possible to repaint the car, but it is expensive and takes a long time. There is now an easier way to hide scratches using the GENUINE COLORS paint pencil.

Why use our paint to repair scratches?


  • no need to apply different coats even for effect colors
  • no need to apply top coat
  • you get a brush and needle for convenient painting

Will the color differ when painted?

The color is genuine factory color and will not differ from the original. However, the painted area may be visible at certain angles depending on: fading of the original color, smoothness of the paint lubrication, filling of the scratch with paints.

It's simple to achieve great results

100% factory color

The paint will match the factory color of your car even if it is pearl or metallic

Enough for multiple usage

One bottle is enough to fill up to 50 scratches, so you will be able to use the purchased product more than once

Save time

The paint is single-layer and resistant to external influences, so there is no need to paint several times and varnish

German quality

The paint is produced in Germany using modern technology and meets the highest quality standards

Easy to use

The bottle has a brush and a needle, so you do not need special tools or equipment - you will manage yourself perfectly

Save money

When buying goods from other manufacturers, you will have to pay extra for two-layer paints, as well as to buy top coat (laquer)

Where to find a color code?

Acura (10)
Audi (11)(12)
BMW (6)(7)
Buick (3)(9)(11)(12)
Cadillac (3)(10)(11)(12)
Chevrolet (3)(5)(11)(12)
Chrysler (1)(4)(6)(10)
Dacia (1)(4)(10)(12)
Dodge (1)(4)(6)(10)
Ford (10)
GMC (3)(10)
Hyundai (3)(10)
Honda (4)(10)
Hummer (3)(10)
Infiniti (4)(9)(10)
Jaguar (10)
Jeep (1)(4)(10)
Kia (10)
Land Rover (1)(10)
Lexus (10)
Mazda (4)(10)
Mercedes (1)(7)(10)
Mini (4)(6)
Mitsubishi (1)(4)(10)
Nissan (1)(4)(8)(10)
Peugeot (8)(10)
Porsche (3)(4)(12)
Renault (10)
Saab (1)(3)(4)(10)(12)
Saturn (3)(10)(12)
Scion (10)
Skoda (5)(6)(12)
Smart (4)(10)(12)
Subaru (6)(10)
Suzuki (1)(3)(4)(9)
Toyota (10)
Volkswagen (11)(12)
Volvo (1)(4)(6)(10)

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